Parking Enforcement

     Panic Recovery specializes in private property impound & tow away zone services throughout the Savannah GA area.  We manage tow away zones for various businesses & communities, helping ensure there is parking available to their customers, residents & employees.

     Our customer service representatives can help you with your parking enforcement needs by setting up your tow away zone & making sure we are all up to speed on laws regarding towing.  Panic tow away zone signs can be seen all around the Savannah GA area in private communities, business properties & other areas where parking is restricted.

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Our services provide:

• Removal of abandoned property
• Removal of improperly stored property
• Clear fire lanes for emergencies
• Eased parking for customers
• Handicap parking enforcement
• Code enforcement

Panic Recovery - 24 Hour Towing, Roadside Assistance, Transport & Recovery in the Savannah, Georgia area.

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